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FRiPRES 2024

4h workshop in French for 100 in-person

Published onJul 01, 2024
FRiPRES 2024

This initiative seeks to make the international iPRES conference more appealing to French speaking participants. In response to the growing need for inclusivity within the international digital preservation community, the FRiPRES workshop aims to bridge language barriers and enhance participation among French-speaking professionals.

FRiPRES offers a platform where French-speaking archivists, librarians, and digital preservationists can engage in meaningful dialogue and exchange knowledge in their native language.

By hosting presentations and discussions in French, it will lower linguistic hurdles, fostering understanding and collaboration within the community. This approach not only encourages participation in the FRiPRES workshop but also aims to motivate attendees to actively participate in the complete iPRES program.

Intended audience

All conference attendees who understand French are welcome for the workshop.

After the workshop, FRiPRES will be accessible to a broader audience through the provision of subtitled video alongside translated slides, ensuring that the insights and knowledge shared are not confined by language barriers.


The workshop will feature presentations from prominent figures, some have already confirmed:

  • Arnaud HULSTAERT (SMALS) will discuss the intricacies of managing
    ‘archiving as a service’

  • and more to come…

We envisage the involvement of many more institutions. If you wish to present in this workshop, please contact the facilitators.

Facilitated by Infotel

Morgän Attias (Infotel) initiated this concept in discussions in the hallways of iPRES 2023 and Infotel is a sponsor for the iPRES2024 conference.

Proposed speakers for this workshop are not only Infotel’s clients and they will speak about digital preservation topics and not about Infotel’s products.

Infotel will also organize the agenda and manage the activities for this workshop, facilitating a seamless and engaging experience for all, hoping that this will grow into a community-run series of events. This strategic dissemination aims to expand the reach and impact of digital preservation discussions, ultimately leading to a more interconnected and robust international community.

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