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Instructions for Digital Preservation Games Proposals

Published onJan 11, 2024
Instructions for Digital Preservation Games Proposals

The Digital Preservation community has benefited from fun ways to learn about digital preservation and curation over the years, especially at prior iPRES conferences. In 2024, we will once again open the floor for inspiring games.

This category includes any form of board, video, or other game format broadly defined that addresses, illustrates, amplifies, or explores any aspect of digital preservation. Digital preservation games don’t need to be digital games, we certainly welcome board games! 

The proposed game can be at any stage of development or design from idea to beta version to a game that is already developed and ready to try, provided that it will be ready to play at iPres 2024.  If for any reason your game is not ready to play, you should consider presenting it as a poster or lightning talk instead.

How to submit Games

A simple indication of the game you wish to present is required. 

The abstract will not be published in the proceedings and there will be an option for the games room facilitators to submit a short report for the proceedings, depending on ability of contributors to meet the deadline.

  • Contributions for the Games room are due by 15 May 2024

  • Template: participants must fill out the form in Indico.

  • All collaborators in the game should be identified and the presenters should be marked.

  • You should include a clear outline of the game interaction and who you want to invite to take part, what prior knowledge you expect and what participants can expect from the process. 

  • You should clearly indicate if you intend to present live or pre-recorded or hybrid. The conference may not be able to fully support your wishes and submitters should be open to work with conference organizers to organize a great experience.

How does the Games Room operate during the conference?

Two games sessions of 1,5 hours are expected at iPRES2024, with 3 or 4 different games each. The sessions will follow a common itinerary:

  1. Game Setup and Introduction
    Game representatives set up their respective games at designated stations within the Games Room. Each game station is managed by a representative who will provide instructions and guidance to players. Facilitators welcome attendees to the Games Room and provide an overview of the games.

  2. Gameplay and Exploration

    Attendees are free to explore and play the various digital preservation games available. Game representatives are on hand to facilitate gameplay, answer questions, and gather feedback from players. Participants rotate between game stations to experience different games and gameplay mechanics.

  3. Feedback and Discussion

    Facilitators gather attendees for a group discussion on their experiences with the games. Players share their feedback, including likes, dislikes, and suggestions for improvement. Game developers take notes and engage in discussions with players to gather valuable insights for refining their games.

  4. Closing Remarks and Networking

    Facilitators thank attendees and game developers for their participation and valuable feedback. Encourage attendees to continue networking and discussing digital preservation topics beyond the Games Room. Provide information on how attendees can stay connected with game developers and access future updates or releases.

More help: webinar and drop-in sessions

We kicked off the submissions with a webinar on Jan 11th. You can watch it here and ask your questions in our online drop-in sessions.

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