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Matchmaking: themes & formats

What themes are there and how to contribution with a format?

Published onFeb 29, 2024
Matchmaking: themes & formats

Keen to contribute to the iPRES 2024 programme, but not sure what topic to choose and what format to match it with? We hear you! Here are some angles to get started with your brainstorm and some questions to consider during your decision process.

Themes at iPRES 2024

Still undecided on your topic? Get inspired by this year’s three themes for the conference:

1. From document to data

Across sectors from audiovisual preservation, document management and archiving, digitisation in memory institutions to web archiving, a shift is happening from document to data. This shift prompts some fundamental research questions, e.g. about semantic interoperability over time. What are the research opportunities in preserved data? In an Open Science environment, expectations are for peers to be able to access and process existing data seamlessly... what is needed to bridge generations of researchers with preserved data and documents?

2. Scaling up

The pioneers of the earliest digitisation & preservation projects are no longer around… Have the choices proven to be sustainable? Are migrations or conversions needed? Does the actual documentation as preserved with the artefacts prove useful? Can the preservation work scale up with influx of new containers and maintenance of existing containers? Can we do that within the boundaries of climate change, budget restrictions and any number of challenges to our institutions? What future tools and technologies do we need? What can AI bring to our mission?

3. Start 2 preserve:

Keynote speakers at iPRES 2022 in Glasgow and 2023 in Illinois sparked a conversation about the responsibilities around community archiving and lowering the barriers to digital preservation. In fact, it’s never too late to start and never too late to learn new things. The iPRES conference is a great place to share your learning curve, to update and share learning materials and to facilitate the learning of colleagues.

Matching your contribution with a format

  • Are you working on a project? Or do you have a great idea you would like to exchange thoughts on? Create a poster.

  • Excited to share an innovative use case or a milestone you have reached and how you got there? Go for a 5-minute lightning talk.

  • Looking for a group of like-minded people to discuss an issue you have encountered? Find solutions together in an informal setting during a Birds of a Feather session.

  • Share your expertise on a particular topic? Help others get started in a practical workshop or a didactic tutorial.

  • Curious about differente perspectives on issues such as challenges or emerging trends within digital preservation? Engage in conversation during a panel discussion.

  • Approach a topic in a playful way? Set up a board game, video game or other game formats.

  • Demonstrate the added value of your product, solution, tool or workflow? Participate in a friendly bake-off. Bonus points for culinary puns!

  • Presenting your research or lessons learned from a project? Submit a practical paper or a research paper.

Tip: Click on the links above to read all the details and FAQs about submitting your chosen format.

>> Ready to submit? Go to the submission platform.

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