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Professional Visits: Bruges

Discover 3 professional visits in Bruges

Published onMay 23, 2024
Professional Visits: Bruges


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Time: 9am - 1pm

Length of visit: 4 hours

What to expect

Take part in 3 exciting visits in the City of Bruges, each one takes about 45 minutes. The organisers in Bruges kindly offer a welcome coffee upon arrival.

  • 9.00am: welcome with coffee in Salon Arents, Dijver 16

  • 9.30am: welcome speech, sorting into 3 groups + departure to locations

  • 3 visits for each group

    • 10am - 10.45am: first visit

    • 11am- 11.45am: second visit

    • 12am - 12.45pm: third visit

Three visits:

  • Museum Sint-Janshospitaal: Technical imaging and research on the paintings of Hans Memling

  • Stadsarchief: Treasures from the City Archive

  • Library: Medieval manuscripts with IIIF and the edition of letters via TEI

Optional: Citywalk with guide - Highlight tours in Groeninge, Gruuthuse or Sint-Janmuseum

Enjoy the afternoon at your own pace in beautiful medieval Bruges!

How to get there

Salon Arents at Dijver 16, 8000 Bruges

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This visit is not wheelchair accessible.

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