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Instructions for Poster Proposals

Published onJan 11, 2024
Instructions for Poster Proposals

Posters provide a format for emerging issues, works in progress, case studies, and self-contained projects. They can be effective to highlight and share innovative solutions. Posters should aim to improve knowledge, foreground new capabilities, or share practical solutions, workflows and experiences.

Proposers might want to consider how their ideas can be animated or illustrated beyond the constraints of a flat A2 sheet so in order that it can have an impact beyond the venue. 

How to Submit Posters

An abstract and filling out an online form describing the proposed content and interactivity of the poster is required. Posters will be published as an abstract in the proceedings, with the actual poster included. Posters will be peer reviewed by at least three reviewers.

  • Contributions for posters are due by 15 May 2024

  • Template: authors must fill out the form in Indico.

  • All collaborators should be identified and included as co-authors and presenters.

  • You should include a clear outline of who your poster is intended for, what prior knowledge you expect and what participants can learn from it. 

  • Submitters will be responsible for FAQ at their poster in a scheduled session. You should clearly indicate if you intend not to participate on-site and how you intend to allow hybrid discussion of your poster. The conference may not be able to fully support your wishes and submitters should be open to work with conference organizers to organize a hybrid poster experience.

How to Present your Poster at the conference

At iPRES2024, posters will be presented in portrait mode at kiosks with large touch screens. Detailed instructions will be given to accepted poster authors to prepare the final version for the conference.

More help: webinar and drop-in sessions

We kicked off the submissions with a webinar on Jan 11th. You can watch it here and ask your questions in our online drop-in sessions.

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