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Start 2 Preserve: Creating a Skills Development Resource

2h workshop for 20 in-person

Published onMay 22, 2024
Start 2 Preserve: Creating a Skills Development Resource

The DPC's Digital Preservation Competency Framework has provided a new foundation for understanding the skills needed for digital preservation, but it can be difficult to find training and development opportunities to help build those skills. Where to look? What topics are covered? How much will it cost? Is it at the right level for me? 

As part of the Start 2 Preserve stream at iPRES 2024 we are establishing a new resource to make it easier to find information on what training and development opportunities are out there.

The resource will be community driven and open to all, and we're hoping all of the bright minds at iPRES2024 in Gent will help to begin enriching the data held within it.

Intended audience

If you provide training, have recently completed a great development activity you'd like to tell others about, or are just generally interested in training and development, come along and help us gather data for this new resource!

Come prepared

What are the learning materials and resources that have been most useful for you? This session will use a hack-a-thon format to gather more entries for this new resource. Participants will be provided with an introduction to the purpose and content of the resource, and guidance on what information to add and how, using a simple web interface. The majority of the session will then offer time to add content. Members of the Start to Preserve sub-committee will be there to support participants throughout.

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