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The European Commission’s eArchiving Initiative: E-ARK Specifications and Tools

2h workshop for 60 in-person

Published onMay 22, 2024
The European Commission’s eArchiving Initiative: E-ARK Specifications and Tools

The workshop aims to familiarize participants with the E-ARK specifications of information packages (CSIP, SIP, AIP, DIP) and Content Information Type Specifications (CITS), demonstrate the usage of E-ARK conformant validation tools (commons-ip and eark-validator), outline the steps to acquire the eArchiving Conformance Seal, and explore related fields such as digital signatures, data spaces, and artificial intelligence.

The agenda of the workshop:

  • Introduction to E-ARK Information Packages

    • Overview of the E-ARK specifications (CSIP, SIP, AIP, DIP),

    • Understanding Content Information Type Specifications (CITS)

  • Use cases and user experiences from Meemoo.

  • Validation Tools Demonstration:

    • Hands-on demonstration of commons-ipandeark-validator,

    • Step-by-step guide on how to validate information packages using these tools

  • Acquiring the eArchiving Conformance Seal:

    • Overview of the eArchiving Conformance Seal and its significance

    • Detailed steps to ensure compliance with E-ARK specifications

    • Strategies for successful application and acquisition of the seal

  • Exploration of Related Fields:

    • Digital Signatures: Importance, Implementation, and implications for information packages,

    • Data Spaces: Understanding data storage and retrieval mechanisms in the digital age,

    • Artificial Intelligence: Integration of AI technologies in archival processes and preservation strategies

  • Interactive Discussions and Q&A Session

Intended audience

This workshop is designed for archivists, digital preservationists, information professionals, and anyone involved in managing digital records and archives.

Participants are encouraged to share experiences, challenges, and insights, in a facilitated Q&A session to address queries and concerns.

Come Prepared

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of E-ARK specifications and information packages.

  • Hands-on experience with validation tools will enable participants to effectively validate information packages.

  • Clear guidance on acquiring the eArchiving Conformance Seal will empower participants to ensure compliance.

  • The use cases and exploration of related fields will broaden participants’ perspectives and enhance their knowledge base.

Before the workshop, we’ll encourage participants to submit questions, topics, and discussion points through Slido, fostering anticipation and engagement. During the workshop, Slido will facilitate real-time interaction, allowing attendees to ask questions, participate in polls, and share insights.

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