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Instructions for Birds of a Feather Proposals

Published onJan 11, 2024
Instructions for Birds of a Feather Proposals

iPRES 2024 is creating some open space in the conference schedule for Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions. We invite the global digital preservation community to send in proposals for interaction and discussion based on the main themes of the conference or the hot topics of the moment.

The BoF is for people who are interested in a particular topic, find that they will all be at the same event, and want to use their co-location to explore that topic, with a view to using the collective knowledge to flesh out a big problem or seek solutions. 

Although it may be helpful to have someone to facilitate the discussion to ensure everyone gets their say, you want to avoid an event that's being led by someone standing in front of the room. There should be an equal opportunity for everyone to contribute. There shouldn't be any lengthy presentations or teaching taking place.

BoF sessions should have an outcome and an output. Typically, the output could be a shared collaborative document that outlines the process and any conclusions reached by the group and potentially a post-workshop write-up by the workshop proposers/facilitators.

How to Submit BoF Sessions

An abstract describing the proposed content and interactivity of the BoF is required.  The abstract of the BoF will be published in the proceedings and there will be an option for BoF proposers/facilitators to submit a short report for the proceedings, depending on ability of reviewers and contributors to meet the deadline. BoF proposals will be peer reviewed by at least three reviewers.

  • Contributions for BoF sessions are due by 15 May 2024

  • Template: authors must fill out the form in Indico.

  • BoF facilitators and moderators should be identified and included as co-authors and presenters.

  • At least 3 and ideally up to 8 people should endorse the BoF and be identified as co-authors.

  • You should include a clear outline of who you want to invite to take part, what prior knowledge you expect and what participants can expect from the process. 

  • Submitters will be responsible for facilitating the BoF on-site. You should clearly indicate if you intend to allow remote participation and how you intend to set this up. The conference may not be able to fully support your wishes and submitters should be open to work with conference organizers to organize a hybrid tutorial experience.

More help: webinar and drop-in sessions

We kicked off the submissions with a webinar on Jan 11th. You can watch it here and ask your questions in our online drop-in sessions.

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