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Professional Visit: Design Studio Unfold in Antwerp

Dive deeper into the projects of Keynote Speaker Claire Warnier and visit Design Studio Unfold.

Published onJul 08, 2024
Professional Visit: Design Studio Unfold in Antwerp

Design Studio Unfold in Antwerp

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Time: 10am - 12am

Length of visit: 2 hours

What to expect

Claire Warnier, the opening keynote speaker of iPRES, opens the doors of Unfold, the design studio she founded in 2002, together with Dries Verbruggen. During the tour of the atelier, you can discover how Unfold works. The main focus of Unfold remains: "What is the role of the designer and how is it changing in a time when design and manufacturing become increasingly more digitised?"

They develop projects that investigate new ways of creating, manufacturing, financing and distributing in a changing context. A context in which we see a merging of aspects of the pre-industrial craft economy with high tech industrial production methods and digital communication networks. A context that has the potential to shift power, from industrial producers and those regulating infrastructure to the individual designer and the consumer.

This visit is coordinated by Design Museum Gent. The visit ties in with the Keynote Speech by Claire Warnier on their project Atlas of Lost Finds.

How to get there

Mortselsesteenweg 192, 2100 Antwerpen.

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Train stop: Antwerpen-Berchem. Then, take tram 9, direction Deurne Silsburg. Get off at stop Deurne Cruyslei (5 stops). From there, it's a 15 minutes walk to the design studio.


This visit is not wheelchair accessible.


Deposit of luggage is possible.

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