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Get Insight in the Life Cycle of File Formats in Your Repository

3h workshop for 10 in-person

Published onMay 22, 2024
Get Insight in the Life Cycle of File Formats in Your Repository

In this workshop, you can bring your own data and process it with the tool created by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network project for Monitoring Obsolete File Formats.

The main question of the DDHN project was to predict the life cycle of file formats. To respond to this question we implemented the Bass Model used in Economics for the preservation monitoring use case. 

The software tool developed during the project will be used to show you what the life cycle is of file formats in your repository. Are there files that are becoming obsolete or not? An important question in Preservation Watch. With our tool we want to make a contribution to this field.

During the workshop we are not getting into the theory of what was created, this can be read in our iPres 2023 paper and our blog posts. After a short introduction about the project and the tool, we will get hands-on! 

Intended audience

Experts, practitioners and brave people... There is some technical knowledge needed to get started, but there is staff at hand to get you started. If you don’t succeed in getting your data processed, we will process the data in full confidence after the conference!

Come prepared

You bring your own data as a csv file and install Python on your laptop or in a provided environment to get started during the workshop. We will also provide a dataset for organisation who are not able to bring a dataset.

After your registration we’ll send details on what the CSV file needs to contain (file create date and file format) and what needs to be installed or which environment to register for. We prefer to install it upfront, but if you don’t succeed, we will help you get started with an online environment you can use to install the tool.

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