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Start2Preserve: Building a Local Community of Practice

2h hybrid workshop with 50 people on-site

Published onMay 22, 2024
Start2Preserve: Building a Local Community of Practice

Digital preservation can best be approached and worked on within a community. A safe place where practitioners are nearby and where you can ask questions, put forward your experience, share knowledge and insights and work together on issues that are larger than life. But how do you form a community of practice in the first place and keep the community alive and thriving in your region.

Intended audience

If you wish to start or expand your existing local community of practice: be inspired by a few good practices, provided by members of the subcommittee Start2Preserve.

Collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community-building are key. No expert knowledge required.

To boost the impact of hosting the iPRES conference and to implement next steps with the local community of preservation and heritage professionals, we are also hosting a special track in Dutch.

Workshop structure

  • Introduction to the topic

  • Good practices from around the world:

    1. ‘Communities of practice at the Digital Repository of Ireland’ - Lisa Marie Griffith (Director, Digital Repository of Ireland) and Kevin Long (Digital archivist, Digital Repository of Ireland)

    2. 'The Flux and Rhythm of Community: A Case Study on building and sustaining a community of practice' - Jaye Weatherburn (Program Manager Digital Preservation, University of Melbourne)

    3. DigiPres North: Starting a new Community of Practice in the North Of England - Presenters: Bryony Hooper (Digital Preservation Manager, University of Sheffield) and Dorothy Waugh( Digital Archivist, University of York)

  • Q&A and panel discussion

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